Custom. Unique. Simple. Quick. Easy. Professional. Beautiful.

In Polokwane Caters For Both Users And Businesses:

We find it extremely important to satisfy both sides - Businesses get leads from their neatly layed out details and amazing brand visibility. Users on the other hand see reputable businesses in Polokwane in a very user-friendly manner that won't waste the user's time.

The Aesthetics:

In Polokwane has been layed out with a simple "point-and-click" interface. It appeals to users who rely on visual stimulation, as well as users who prefer relying on text.

Heavy Optimization:

What makes this platform truly remarkable goes mostly unseen. Every piece of coding ensures that all focus is placed in getting your Polokwane business found online. One of the ways we get you found is by using only the absolute highest quality optimization provided by NEXUS IT Polokwane. We believe in using quality and operating efficiently.

We Improve:

Frequent updates are based on direct client feedback and interaction.

Custom Listings:

Each and every listing is added and optimized manually to fit the client's needs like a glove.

Limited Availability:

There are limited spots open in each section to show only businesses verified to be in Polokwane. This not only drives more clients to your business but also improves customer satisfaction rates.

No Search Bar:

Without a search bar, users are able to take a look at all the available options, meaning your business has a high chance of a lead.

Boost Your Listing In Google:

Since there is no search bar, every business in the relevant section has an equal opportunity to get clicked on. Our serious clients do, however, still have the option to boost their listing. Boosted listings will show even higher up in Google search results. This can be based on specific keywords provided by the client.

Featured Businesses:

For serious businesses we do provide an option to be featured on every page for a time period (One month is the standard).